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"...a tightly written novel"------WASHINGTON POST

"...well executed thriller territory"------NEW YORK PRESS

"...a good fictional spin on an age-old belief."------QBR BLACK BOOK REVIEW

"...a stunning bit of campy black paranoia with a muscular integrity." -------Kirkus Reviews

" immensely readable novel whose subject matter is so highly charged that no one in America can afford the folly of
ignoring it."-------MAX E. YOUNGSTEIN, former CEO, United Artists Pictures

"...a stunning literary achievement and a frightening portrayal of what might have been and what may yet come to pass if the black American underclass does not achieve social and economic justice."-------PRICE M. COBB, M.D. Author of 'Black Rage'

"...Roland S. Jefferson has obviously been there. He knows of what he writes and his SCHOOL ON 103RD STREET is an eloquent, moving testimonial to that -------REGIS PHILBIN, KABC-TV, Los Angeles

"...THE SCHOOL ON 103RD STREET is a rich book which, together with John A. Williams' THE MAN WHO CRIED I AM and Sam Greenlee's THE SPOOK WHO SAT BY THE DOOR is at the fountainhead of black political fiction.."
-------MICHEL FABRE, Universite' de Paris 111, Sorbonne Nouvelle

" incredible, chilling story!"----WALTER BURRELL, Syndicated Columnist

"...a mesmerizing fictional document that breathes life into its characters." -------NEW DIRECTIONS

"...Timely, politically charged and necessary reading. THE SCHOOL ON 103RD STREET is just the kind of book that will
knock us out of our complacent 70's attitude about black folks and justice."-------BLACK SCHOLAR

"...interesting and provocative reading. You'll enjoy it." -------HAL DASH, KHJ Radio, Los Angeles

"...a gripping and terrifing novel."------CHICAGO BULLETIN

"...a gripping, frightening, not to be put down until finished novel."-------FREEDOMWAYS

"...THE SCHOOL ON 103RD STREET fits the suspense-drama genre and it makes excellent, absorbing reading."

"...This is a book, to be sure, that is made of strong stuff. Jefferson pulls no important work by an exceptional talent."--------LOS ANGELES GRAPEVINE

"...exceptionally skillful character studies and a rendering of the climate of our times."------SOUL PUBLICATIONS


Don't ever judge a book by its cover or the title. I have no idea why Roland Jefferson titled this book One Night Stand, but I am so glad I ordered this book and read it! This is one of the BEST crime-mystery books I have read in my life! The story kept me on the edge of my seat(LITERALLY) at work, at home, in the salon getting my hair done, while cooking dinner, while my boyfriend watched the game..I kept wodering what was gonna happen next!

Napoleon gets stopped one night for driving with no lights on in brand new Mustang by some DIRTY cops in the wrong neighborhood. He soon hooks up with redhead beau defense laywer Myra Cross who helps prove his innoence of the crime he's accused of. It was a rollercoaster ride reading this book and it never stopped until I got to page 320.

You take a thug with a record as long as his name, a redhead, green-eyed lawyer with an IQ of a genius and some dirty cops desperate to frame and kill anybody who blocks their chance of getting their hands of seven million dollars and you've got a book full of action!

This author has a way with words that draw you into the story and make you feel like you're right there! His characters seem so real you can't help but to speak to them while reading this novel. Roland Jefferson is now on my favorite author list and I wanna read every book that has his name on him!

A perfect and easy five star book!!!!!!! Trust me! Get it!

Reviewer: Dimples "There she go reading those books again.." (Downsouth)

Sep 24, 2006

Nothing like a crooked copMyra Cross is a smart and sexy lawyer, who has worked hard to build her career as a public defender. However, her past seems to be coming to face her again. When she was young, her father left the family, which also left Myra discombobulated. This unsettling feeling is transferred into her making a decision that will eventually change her career. Posing nude for Playboy magazine not only jeopardizes her career but it will turn her into an American sex symbol. Even with this life-altering escapade, Myra still can't seem to keep her dress down - even at work and this is the core of Roland S. Jefferson's ONE NIGHT STAND.
Myra Cross's client, Napoleon Booker, has been accused of a series of crimes from theft to murder, Myra believes he is innocent but can she prove it? Napoleon is by no means a saint. He is a street hustler who has done his share of wrong. But has he stolen $7 million and killed a guard during the robbery? The police certainly have the evidence against him and it's up to him and Myra to do the impossible and prove his innocence.
The book started off slow and then picked up speed. Jefferson's heroine was sometimes a little hard to take. Her brilliance was evident however her slutty behavior seemed to put a damper on her brain. How could such a smart woman behave in such a stupid manner? Some of the other characters behaved in strange ways also. The book became more exciting as the story unfolded. It is an interesting read but Myra Cross seemed out of character as she engaged in her sexual acts rather than using her stunning mind that we kept hearing about. Napoleon was an odd character too. He was brilliant but his up bringing in the streets made him seem like an average joe. His wierdness was a great testimony to how poverty and need can deform a smart individual.

Reviewed by Alice Holman
of The RAWSISTAZ™ Reviewers

OOSA Online Book Club "O.O.S.A." (World Wide Web, USA)

Myra and Napoleon, an unlikely duo, must work together to prove the innocence of one. Myra Cross is a stunning white public defender with a killer body. She has a reputation both in and outside of the courtroom. Napoleon Booker is a young drug dealer facing his third strike. With skill and finesse, Myra was able to help him beat a case in the past. Can the same prove true this go round? Myra and Napoleon make surprisingly good partners as they navigate through the streets of LA and even Mexico looking for evidence. But someone wants the truth to remain hidden. Are Myra and Napoleon in way over their heads? Corruption, murder, sex and mayhem liberally fill the pages of One Night Stand making for an interesting, richly detailed and entertaining read. This was my first read by Roland S. Jefferson. It won't be my last.

Toni Reviewer: OOSA Online Book Club "O.O.S.A."

One Night Stand, September 2, 2006

This book definitely ranks amongst one of the best books we have ever read. It had us hooked from page one. Without giving the plot away, the book is full of exciting, nail-biting moments, so you don't have to worry about being bored and struggling through this one. We had a lengthy, deep discussion about real life issues of police corruption, preconceived notions, drugs, race, dysfunctional childhoods and the justice system. All of which the author very craftily and expertly brought to life in One Night Stand.
The two main characters; a very attractive, white female lawyer (Myra) with an exceptionally high IQ and a street-savvy young black male (Napoleon) will keep you on your toes as they continually chip away at one's tendency to stereotype. The complexity of the characters and the plot are sure to keep you as addicted to the book as Myra was to drugs.

Written by
Ebony Eyes Book Club (Baltimore, Maryland USA)

Don't Judge the Book by Its Cover, July 17, 2006

Gangbanger, Napoleon Booker is a lot of things and has a criminal record to prove it. But he did not commit the crime that the corrupt Los Angeles Police department is trying to pen on him. Someone is trying to set him up and frame him for a crime he did not commit. He must prove that he did not engineer a bank heist several years ago that netted the robbers $750K. Napoleon needs help and he needs it fast as the real culprits do not want the truth to be told and will stop at nothing to keep it hidden. Enters a familiar face from Napoleon's past--blonde haired, blue-eyed public defender, Myra Cross to the rescue--she saved him before and he is hoping she can do it again. Myra is at the top of her game but she wants out. Her dream might come true quicker than she anticipated as she has recently posted for a Playboy spread which might get her fired and allow her to explore other avenues. But, first she must once again save Napoleon's behind especially since this time he might just be innocent. Napoleon is counting on Myra as she is his last resort and he wishes that she is not too distracted to focus and win his case. Mayhem, murder, betrayal, secrets all litter their paths as they race against time to discover the real criminals and try and stay alive in the process.

The cover and title for One Night Stand are a disconnect and a prime example of why one should not judge a book by its cover (or title). Once I got past these innocuous distractions, I discovered a compelling and entertaining mystery. The novel is a creatively crafted plot and I could not turn the pages fast enough to find out what was going to happen next. Jefferson successfully balanced show and tell while developing a plot driven storyline complete with well-developed characters. He did a fine job--via Napoleon's character--of showing what happens to many talented and gifted African American youth who unfortunately when they have no strong parental figures are left to be raised by their `street families.' If you are looking for a good mystery with suspense, intrigue, action-packed plot twists and turns then check out One Night Stand by Roland Jefferson.

Reviewed by Yasmin
APOOO BookClub


"Roland Jefferson has fashioned a great American heist novel as thrilling as it is entertaining."
Review by Valerie Wilson Wesley
author of
Dying in the Dark and A Tamara Hayl
e Mystery


"Fast paced...Roland Jefferson has crafted an L.A. mean streets winner."
Review by Robert Greer
author of
Heat Shock


"Roland Jefferson's Damaged Goods is delivered in crisp, snappy dialogue, an exciting pace, and a plot loaded with surprises. Reading it is like enjoying a suspense-filled movie."
Review by Herb Boyd
author of
We Shall Overcome and Pound for Pound